To manage is to plan
but to manage is also to manage
the unpredictable

LBO Consult has been helping to start, manage and develop businesses since 1982, some of which have become key players in the economic fabric in Belgium, in France and abroad.

Whether you need occasional interim management or virtual office services, we can help you reach your goals, succeed in your projects and achieve profitability.

Why choose LBO Consult ?


Passionate about our work, we respond to all requests as quickly as possible.


We have been operating for over 30 years. This presence, combined with our versatile interdisciplinary knowledge, helps us manage assignments from A to Z.


Proactiveness is one of our defining features, as is our ability to act quickly.


With experience in 22 countries, we can travel anywhere in the world.


We are experts at adapting to different countries, companies and teams even during a crisis.

The ideal balance

We offer the optimum balance between service level and fees.